This page contains links to vendors who provide assistive technology and products for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

SmartEd Services' Touch Accessible Platform for Interactive Technology TAPit revolutionizes touch sensitive interaction with “Intended Touch” technology, designed to distinguish between intentional and unintentional touches on the screen. Each component of the ADA compliant interactive learning station was constructed with special needs students in mind. TAP·it’s monitor projects images from within to create a shadow-free work space. The low-glare, matte finish display provides optimal viewing for low-vision users. The press of a button lifts and lowers TAP·it’s monitor and tilts the 42-inch interactive LCD panel from zero to 90 degrees. This motorized adjustment capability provides maximum flexibility for adapting to most students’ unique needs.

About SmartEd Services
SmartEd Services is a division of Cleveland Corporate Services, Inc. and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Aligned with leading suppliers in presentation, control, communication and educational technologies, SmartEd Services proudly represents SMART Technologies to provide valuable products backed by integrity and more than 20 years of superior service. Please visit for more information.
 AbleNet (BigMack, Step-by-Step, switches, Powerlink, and more) Don Johnston, Inc. (Start-to-Finish Books, Start-to-Finish Literacy Starters, and more) Mayer Johnson (Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols 2000 and more) News-2-You, online newspaper with symbol support and many related activities Slater Software (PictureIt and PixWriter) AIMEE Solutions Take and Teach Language Kits present language exposure and enrichment materials within the framework of a thematic unit to target students with moderate to severe mental impairments. They specifically address state learning standards, and include suggestions for use with different student learning styles. All materials are in PDF format (on one CD), print in color, and require no special software to use. Crick Software (Clicker 5, Clicker Paint and related software) Intellitools Homepage (IntelliKeys, Classroom Suite, and more) Unique Learning Systems is a standards-based curriculum for students with significant disabilities. It is a subscription-based product (like News-2-You) that comes out monthly and is available in 4 grade level bands. Added 9/3/2008