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Alternate AssessmentOhio's Alternate Assessment is designed for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. The alternate assessment is a collection of evidence that shows student performance, documenting grade-level content but reflects an alternate level of achievement for each individual student. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) provides a fact sheet, participation guidelines, the Ohio Alternate Assessment for Students with Disabilities Administration Manual and more. For now, most Alternate Assessment information should be downloaded or viewed at the ODE website.

Minimal Changes to the AASWD for 2011-2012

Printed Manuals will not be disseminated this year

  • For the 2011-2012 school year the materials for the AASWD must be downloaded from the ODE Assessment Website.
  • There are minimal changes to the AASWD for the 2011-2012 school year. SSTR5 have made available the presentation information for download and viewing. The PowerPoint is update information only and not intended to replace the new teacher training.
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CoED Q & A for 2009-10

Question # 1 September 16, 2009

Dear CoED,

I have a question about the COED creator for 2009-2010. I was going to download the new version but my personal computer at home is Windows and our school computers are Mac's. Will the program run on both operating systems if it were put on a USB memory stick? Or is there another version that works on both? Or am I just out of luck?? The program was VERY helpful last year when completing the Alternate Assessments! Any help is greatly appreciated.


Dear JB,

I am not able to open a Windows version of CoED from my Mac laptop; I assume the same result would occur if I tried to open a Mac version on the PC. So, I think your initial plan of keeping one CoED on a memory stick may not work in multiple formats. You could, however, maintain a Mac version of CoED on the school computer and a Windows version at home, and simply transfer the data between each location before you begin working. It's a little more complicated, and you would need to be attentive to the transfer of data, but it would work.

Here's a quick description of how this would be set up:

Let's say you begin your work on the school Mac version of CoED. At the end of the session, as you are exiting the CoED program, be sure to click on the "backup" icon, to record your current student data to the backup file (which is inside the CoED folder/ backups folder). You can then copy that same "backups" folder to your memory stick, and take it home. Before you open up CoED Windows at home, go into the Widows CoED folder and replace the "backups" folder with the "backups" folder that you brought from school (Mac version). Then, open the Windows version of CoED on your home computer, and go to the Classroom Roster; click the "Show ALL Records" button and "Delete" every record. (This sounds dangerous (although you won't have any records on the Windows side the first time), but remember that you have this information stored on the Mac at School.) Next, click the "Restore" button at the top of the Classroom Roster and follow the instructions for restoring data; there are to or three steps to the "Restore" process. If you performed all of the previous steps correctly, then you will see the same records exactly as they were on your Mac at home. At the end of this work session, you will want to be sure to click the "Backup" button before you Exit. Then, copy the "backups" folder from the CoED folder on your Windows computer at home, to the memory stick. To move this data to your Mac at school, repeat the steps described above, except that you are moving the data from "Windows to Mac" instead of from "Mac to Windows". That's all you have to remember, except that you need to be very careful about recalling which computer has the most current data, and keeping it "backed up" before exiting the program. You only need to move the "data" to your memory stick when you are transferring between computers. Also, it is still a very good idea to maintain a separate physical "backup copy" of your entire CoED file on a separate drive or memory stick.

JB, I hope this helps.