This page will provide links to free activities to help students develop single switch and mouse skills.

While the activities may not involve academic content, they may help students develop the skills needed for more complex computer activities or access to other assistive technologies. Note: Activities on other pages may be accessible to switch users, particularly anything made with PowerPoint or similar presentation software.

Switch skills

  • Many fun (and some raunchy) switch accessible activities from the Priory Woods School in the UK, made with Flash. Added 1/4/08
  • SENSwitcher, a switch training program you can download or access online. Begins with very simple cause/effect and progresses to scanning. Added 1/4/08
  • These directions tell you how to make a "reveal" puzzle using Powerpoint. Give your students lots of switch practice as they uncover a picture with each click of their switch. The second document gives you a shortcut if you want to make lots of these puzzles. It tells how to change the picture under the puzzle without redoing the whole puzzle. Added 2/8/08
  • This website contains PowerPoint slideshows created by a mom to teach her sons beginning computer skills. They work with Spacebar or mouse click. The files are very large due to the amazing graphics and sound files. If you choose the Online option (instead of downloading them) be patient; they can take quite a while to load. Because they were created for young children, the programs should be screened for age appropriateness before using with older student. Added 2/13/08
  • Fifty Nifty Ideas for Simple Switch Activities: Let's get these kids involved! Added 5/23/2008
  • Read this article to learn more about switches, how to select them, and how to introduce them to students. Added 9/3/2008
  • Free downloads of switch-accessible activites for simple word-building and basic concepts. Mac and Win versions available. Can also be accessed by mouse or touchscreen. Would work well on an interactive whiteboard. Added 9/3/2008
  • A variety of games and activities to develop switch (and mouse) skills. There is even a switch-accessible version of Sudoku! Added 9/3/2008
  • Help Kidz Learn is full of free activities, games and stories from Inclusive Technology. Good switch practice and many items would be age appropriate for older students. Added 12/3/2008
  • Shiny Learning from the UK has 5 accessible games to develop mouse and switch skills. Download for PC or play online. Added 12/13/09

Mouse skills


  • Linda Burkhart provides guidelines for multi-modal commuication strategies for students with Rett Syndrome. Added 2/2/08
  • Linda Burkhart's website has a number of excellent handouts for students with signitificant disabilities, including students with access issues, cortical visual impairment, and other low incidence challenges. Added 2/2/08
  • Promoting Communication on the Fly for Students with Significant Disabilities, Including Deaf-Blindness: Top 10 Tips for Partner Assisted Scanning by Gretchen Hanser. An excellent article! Added 3/7/08